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Different Leather Types

What are the different types of Leather?

Perfect Pattern Leather briefcases are made from full-grain buffalo leather which make them extremely durable and naturally beautiful. With time the Greenhead briefcase will develop a patina to show signs of aging, however, with proper care, this patina will give it a retro or vintage effect – adding to its charm and sophistication. This leather is extremely durable and strong making it a perfect source material for bags.

Full grain leather is strongest and most durable element of the hide of an animal, situated just below the coat. The grain pattern in this section of the hide is very taut which is why this particular leather has been titled "full grain" leather.

Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather meaning that over time, full grain leather will only intensify its stately charm. It will do so developing a polish from being handled as opposed to other types of leather which can and will ultimately diminish with wear.

However, even the highest quality full grain leather will have small irregularities, which makes it all the more unique. From healed scrapes where the animal possibly brushed against a wired fence, to insect bites or thicker surface areas and neck wrinkles, or even vein marks. These slight irregularities showcase each product's natural individuality and their handcrafted nature.


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